屏蔽: Effective March 1st, individuals will no longer be required to wear masks in indoor spaces on campus. 而覆盖面部的规定已经被取消, 所有Immaculata员工, 学生, and members of our campus community retain the option to continue wearing a face mask on Immaculata campus. 直至另行通知, this will be a matter of individual choice in every setting except individual offices, 在哪些地方,教职员工可能会要求到访办公室的人员佩戴口罩. 在临床环境中的学生, 实习, 一些实习课程, 在这些情况下,学生教学可能需要佩戴口罩. 大型活动聚会, 屏蔽是可选的, but the CDC has indicated that wearing high quality masks keeps one well protected, 即使别人没有掩蔽.

它是期望所有的社区成员, 不管他们的掩蔽选择, 尊重和支持他人的决定.

室内设施及餐饮: 室内空间将恢复完全占用. 餐厅将全面恢复室内运营,所有学生均可用餐, 欢迎教职员工在室内用餐. 有机玻璃将保留在餐厅作为额外的预防措施.

检验检疫: evo真人将 对接种疫苗的学生或员工进行监测测试. Testing for community members with exemptions will 不 be required; however, 如果校园发生疫情, we may need to move to required surveillance testing of unvaccinated community members.

疫苗接种指南: 所有学生和员工都需要接种COVID-19疫苗. Individuals can apply for exemptions for medical reasons or for sincerely held religious beliefs. Booster vaccinations may be required if the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds them necessary.


员工 experiencing symptoms or who have been exposed to an individual testing positive for COVID-19 should complete this form.


学生 experiencing symptoms or who have been exposed to an individual testing positive for COVID-19 should complete this form.



If you have been within 6 feet for 15 minutes—cumulatively—or been exposed to respiratory secretions of a person with COVID-19:

  • 学生 who are fully vaccinated who have been a 关闭 contact with a positive case but do 不 have symptoms are 不 directed to quarantine but are required to get tested 3-5 days after exposure and mask and monitor symptoms for 14 days.
  • 学生 who are who are 不 fully vaccinated (those partially vaccinated and/or those who have an approved religious or medical accommodation) who have been a 关闭 contact with a positive case will be required to quarantine for up to 14 days after last contact as determined by health care professional and guidelines from health officials, 应该咨询他们的初级保健提供者.



Rates of COVID-19 infection and transmission are high among college-aged individuals related to the way young adults live and socialize. Infections cause illness and result in quarantine and isolation which can adversely impact mental health. Vaccination provides an important barrier against many new and more dangerous forms (variants) of COVID-19. 通过要求接种疫苗, evo真人将大幅降低校园爆发疫情的可能性, 同时也营造了欣欣向荣的校园氛围.

我是一名学生,在校园里没有上课. 我需要接种疫苗吗?

学生 who are taking courses off campus are required to submit their vaccination information. 学生 enrolled in online courses are 不 required to fill out an exemption waiver if they are 不 vaccinated at this time. 即便如此, Immaculata strongly encourages that members of our community receive vaccination for the health and safety of themselves and those around them.


根据疾病控制和预防中心的说法, 个人被认为已完全接种疫苗.

  • 2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.
  • 单剂后2周,如Johnson & 约翰逊/ Janseen疫苗
  • 如果您不满足这些要求, 不管你的年龄, you are NOT fully vaccinated and should take all safety precautions until you are fully vaccinated.



学生 who are 不 vaccinated or have 不 received an exemption will 不 be able to attend class. 无瑕塔大学将不提供COVID-19学习住宿, 学生 are expected to attend class in the format as listed In their course schedule.


Will requesting a medical or religious exemption impact my ability to complete clinicals, 学生教学, 实习或其他经验学习要求?

如果你得到豁免, you will be able to participate in classes and other activities on our campuses, 只要你遵守所有其他安全规程.  然而, any exemption from the University’s vaccine requirement may impact your ability to participate in clinicals, 学生教学, 实习, 等.

许多医院和其他临床场所, as well as other area employers have already announced that they are requiring the vaccine.  evo真人无法控制接种地点的疫苗要求.  Although we will try to place 学生 with an exemption in a site location where the vaccine is 不 required, evo真人不能保证这将是可能的.

In addition, it is best practice to put 学生 at different sites throughout their program.  We may 不 be able to find enough sites that do 不 require the vaccine to accommodate you, which could limit your ability to complete degree requirements and potentially delay your time to graduation.

If I don’t get the vaccine, can I complete my clinical requirements via virtual simulation?
No. Unless the University must move to fully remote learning based on the spread of the virus or based on state or local requirements, evo真人不会提供虚拟模拟.

该大学的 退款和学分政策位于这里. 如果您选择不接种疫苗,并且不能放置在临床场所, you must drop your course(s) by the stated deadlines or you will be responsible for tuition charges, 正如evo真人的退款和学分政策所述.

If I drop my clinical course(s), will I be able to take it in a future semester?
Not completing your clinical requirements as scheduled will very likely delay your time to graduation.


Outbreaks among 学生 have been shown to lead to outbreaks in surrounding communities, 包括弱势群体的死亡人数. COVID-19 presents one of the greatest disease threats we have seen in any of our lifetimes, and we have decided that requiring the COVID-19 vaccine is in the best interest of our campus community.


Yes, all Immaculata 学生 and employees are required to be fully vaccinated by 2021年8月4日. 出于医疗或宗教原因将予以例外.


evo真人将继续及时通报任何有关疫苗的信息. 另外, 如果有必要改变校园协议, 校园社区将会得到通知.



将考虑医疗和宗教豁免. 请求豁免 使用在线表单和提交过程. 收到豁免申请后,审核时间最长可达10个工作日.






If you have additional questions or concerns regarding Immaculata’s vaccine requirement, 请联系:





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